Laura Mvula releases 'The Dreaming Room'

Laura Mvula releases 'The Dreaming Room'

Laura Mvula releases her new album ‘The Dreaming Room’ today through RCA Victor (Sony). 

‘The Dreaming Room’ is an expansion on what was already a captivating sound.  The heavenly layers of voices, the unexpected complex diversions and the celestial grandeur are still all there but with the addition of buzzy analogue synths and electric guitar lines.  

From the Afro-disco first single ‘Overcome’, packed with upbeat sounds and intricate harmonies layered beneath stunning tribal beats, to the captivating ‘Kiss My Feet’ - a mass of disjointed beats and bereft lyrics, and the epic and bold ‘People’ - the music that makes up ‘The Dreaming Room’ is lively, ferocious and sounds exactly what it is - thrilling and unique but was also hard-won.

The cornerstone of the record and the track that sets the tone of ‘The Dreaming Room’ is a hymn-like ballad that swells to mighty proportions called ‘Show Me Love’.  The heartfelt track speaks of missing a lover’s touch whilst ‘Phenomenal Woman’ - a remarkable 1970’s style gospel funk number, inspired by a poem of the same name by the remarkable Maya Angelou, is about learning to get along without it.

The Guardian turns in a 4 star review, stating “vivid, original, it's the real deal", and The New York Times calls The Dreaming Room “exceptional” 

Talking about writing the album, Laura said: “This is the hardest I’ve worked on anything.  I’ve grown up - by taking the music more seriously, I take myself less so. When I listen to this music I feel whole.  I feel so at home in myself.  I feel comfortable”.

Laura Mvula - 'Show Me Love'