Daughter release second album 'Not To Disappear'

Daughter release second album 'Not To Disappear'

Nearly three years after the release of their debut ‘If You Leave’, Daughter return with new album ‘Not To Disappear’.

Building on their first record’s gloriously dark intensity, wracked emotion and complex textures, ‘Not To Disappear’ finds Daughter evolving in interesting ways.  There’s distinctly more dramatic ebb and flow, as quiet intimacy lurches into thrilling kaleidoscopic expanses - this time, Daughter feel like an increasingly fearless proposition. 

‘Numbers’ soars and swoops through exhilarating crescendos, whilst ‘Fossa’ is possibly one of Daughter’s most euphoric moments yet. There are also unexpected bursts of uptempo energy, as on the propulsive stomp of ‘No Care’. The lyrics are more forthright, too. “On this record, I’ve gone to places I maybe wouldn’t have been that comfortable with before” Elena Tonra explains; “It feels like I’m being braver, which is liberating.”

The Sunday Times made ‘Not To Disappear’ Album of The Week, describing it as “music of deceptive calm and extraordinary depth”, DIY award 5 stars for an album of “groundbreaking beauty”, whilst London in Stereo proclaim it “utterly gripping… truly beautiful, near-flawless record.”

Daughter - 'Numbers'