Sigur Rós release seventh album ‘Kveikur’

Sigur Rós release seventh album ‘Kveikur’

Sigur Rós release their seventh studio album ‘Kveikur’ today on XL Recordings.

The album is defined by a darker more dystopian mood than their previous ventures, sounding like a band cutting loose of their own heritage, whilst at the same time remaining definitively Sigur Rós.

‘Brennisteinn’ is evidence of what can be accomplished with drums and bass alone -  all clattering, explosive, pounding rhythms and distorted, subterranean, modulated bass. ‘Yfirbord’ walks the path between brutality and beauty, incorporating elements of jarring dubstep production into a rustic ballad. ‘Hrafntinna’ opens with a muted fanfare of trumpets, before giving way to a strange warping that creates a feeling of disorientation.

‘Kveikur’  has been highly praised in the music press, with both The Independent and The Guardian awarding 4 stars, and Pitchfork calling it “a bracing record of pummeling post-rock, eerie hauntology and concentrated pop splendor”, adding that with their sixth album “Sigur Rós finally acknowledge their impact by beating all of their acolytes at their own game.”