AlunaGeorge release debut album 'Body Music'

AlunaGeorge release debut album 'Body Music'

Taking the boom of British bass culture and marrying it to the sweet slickness of classic American R&B, AlunaGeorge release their eagerly awaited debut album ‘Body Music’ today on Island Records.AlunaGeorge - Body Music

The album demonstrates the breadth and fluidity of the duo's sound: the strutting, taunting ‘Attracting Flies’, the sleek 80s soul groove of ‘Bad Idea’, the slippery, dream-like ‘Body Music’, the aquatic slow jam ‘Diver’ and the joyous, widescreen love song ‘Superstar’.

Both The Guardian and The Independent award ‘Body Music’ 4 stars. The Guardian call it “infectiously joyous”, adding that AlunaGeorge “sound like exactly the kind of people you want making pop music”, whilst The Independent declare that ‘Body Music’ is “an assured collection of pure pop with an independent sensibility”.  Further praise comes from Time Out: “It’s a fantastic start-to-finish treat: poppy yet cheese-free, adventurous in sound and entirely unique in spirit... We love it when a band well and truly lives up to the hype.”

Fast becoming an unstoppable force in 2013 with their signature sound that has captured the attention of critics and fans alike, AlunaGeorge are doing a rather fine job of turning British pop music on its head.

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