Laura Jansen and Tom Chaplin 'Same Heart'

Laura Jansen and Tom Chaplin 'Same Heart'

Laura Jansen and Tom Chaplin (Keane) perform ‘Same Heart’ for 3FM Serious Request.

Laura Jansen has written the theme tune for 3FM’s Serious Request 2012. The track is called ‘Same Heart’, and is sung as a duet with Keane’s Tom Chaplain. All the proceeds from streams and downloads of 'Same Heart' will be donated to 3FM Serious Request’s central cause: the fight against infant mortality.

Laura Jansen wrote ‘Same Heart’ at the request of 3FM station manager Wilbert Mutsaers. Talking about the song, she said: "I did not want to make something small and sad. I wanted it to be optimistic and loud to draw attention to the theme." Laura Jansen wrote 'Same Heart' explicitly as a duet and harbored a wish that Keane front man Tom Chaplin would perform the male voice. As soon as Tom heard the song he agreed to get involved. Tom explained: “It's the first time in my career as a singer that I have promised a duet to go under my own name. The song touched me personally, it's great to hear a song with so much soul. The song sounded so inspired and I could immediately understand what the connection was with the theme."

Laura Jansen continued: "Anyone who’s having a difficult time, would at least want to be recognised as a human being. And it doesn’t matter where you are born, underneath it all beats the same heart. "

'Same Heart' is available to download and stream from 4 December 2012.

Same Heart