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Krystl was awarded a 3FM Award for "Best Upcoming Act" and has released duets with acclaimed Dutch artists like Marco Borsato and Bløf. Her song ‘Golden Days’ was synchronized under a Martini campaign, and as if that wasn't enough, she also won an Edison Award for Best Newcomer. The jury stated that Krystl is blessed with an impressive voice and multiple musical talents.

Krystl wrote the songs for her second album 'Undefeatable' together with longtime friends including English songwriter Blair Mackichan (who previously worked with Lily Allen and Paloma Faith) and Martijn Konijnenburg who co-produced the record with Skiggy Rapz. Krystl: "I really couldn't think of anybody else I'd rather work with. It was so nice when we recorded my debut, it seemed only logical to work with the same guys again. Never change a winning team!"

For 'Undefeatable' Krystl also seized the opportunity to work with acclaimed songwriters including Sacha Skarbek (Adele, Paul McCartney), Graffiti 6 - guitarist Tommy Danvers and Tjeerd Bomhof (Voicst , Anouk). "It is wonderful to work with - and learn from - so many different people. I had a really good click with Tjeerd, he has been a sounding board for the entire album and I still turn to him for advice. The sessions with Lucie Silvas where really special.” Lucia is best known for the Dutch airplay hit: 'What You're Made Of'. Krystl: "I really wanted to write with her. Lucie is a fantastic singer, a very experienced songwriter and above all a wonderful human being."

Krystl is no longer the carefree girl she was at the time of the release her debut album. On 'Undefeatable' she sincerely opens up her heart. She is a strong woman who's not afraid to share her feelings and show her vulnerability. 'Undefeatable' is a winners record to be welcomed!

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