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Handsome Poets

What a ride it has been so far for Handsome Poets. Since their formation in 2010, the band has been continuously touring and recording. After their number one hitsingle ‘Sky On Fire’ was embraced as a Dutch Olympic anthem during the 2012 Games in London, Handsome Poets found themselves in a high-speed train which took them to the stages of Dutch and European summer festivals. They released two highly acclaimed albums, ‘Handsome Poets’ (2011) and ‘Sky On Fire’ (2012), which led them to be nominated for a number of awards in their home country The Netherlands. They even managed to stow away some of those awards in the overhead luggage compartment of their high-speed train, such as the awards 3FM Serious Talent, the Schaal van Rigter and Esquire’s Best Dressed Band 2014.

Lead vocalist Tim van Esch, synth player Nils Davidse and drummer Daniel Smit singlehandedly build their own studio with their producer Erik Schurman in their hometown Gouda. A year has past since and now a revived Handsome Poets are emerging from their Handsome Studio with a brand new album. The band describes ‘2015’ as more experimental, energetic and ‘grown up’.

The first single ‘Stardust' reflects this new sound of Handsome Poets. It prominently features the keyboard talents of Nils Davidse, who produces the most vibrant sounds from his (vintage) keyboards and synths. Lead vocalist Tim van Esch says: “The year we spent together in the studio has been both a joyous and a crucial phase for us. Not only have we grown even more closely together as a band during the writing process, we also rediscovered the most important thing that connects us: our friendship. That’s the main theme on ‘2015’, the value of good friends in hard times. I can’t wait to hop back on that high-speed train again. It doesn’t matter where it’s heading, we are going to enjoy the trip. Go! Go! Go!'