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Dotan is a singer-songwriter from Amsterdam. He burst onto the scene in the spring of 2011 with his debut album ‘Dream Parade’. The album was a great success, with single ‘This Town’ being a particular highlight.

The singer-songwriter from Amsterdam saw the release of his second, autobiographical, album called ‘7 Layers’ on January 31st, and celebrated that with a sold-out concert in the legendary Paradiso concert hall.

The new album has a dynamic, bare boned and sometimes unnerving sound. Silence contrasts with erupting sound, small acoustic songs with big, expansive ones, everything anchored by Dotan’s voice and acoustic guitar. After having worked with the British, Devon-based producer Chris Bond (Ben Howard, Monica Helda) for a while, Dotan decided to produce the new album himself. “We had established the sound of the record, which I already had in mind when I was writing my new songs. I knew exactly what I wanted the songs to sound like but had never done any record production work before. I called up a couple of musicians, rented a studio for a month and later finished the album right in my own small living room in the centre of Amsterdam. If you listen closely, you’ll occasionally hear people on the street or a tram going by.” The sea is another major component of the new album. “I recorded the sound of the sea in countries such as Israel, Great Britain, Norway and the Netherlands and used those sounds in various songs.” Dotan insists on having complete production control. “There’s no other way but to bear your soul. That feels good but it also puts me in a vulnerable and scary position. Still, I feel that this is only the beginning of much bigger things!”

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Dotan - Shadow Wind (lyric video)
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