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Baltimore native SHIRÉ was once the lead singer of the all-girl group LovHer, founded by fellow R&B crooner Sisqo of Dru-Hill when Shiré was barely out of high school. At the time she was simply known as “Chinky”; a nickname given to her by Sisqo. The group had some moderate success with the release of a few singles, like “How’s It Gonna Be” which got as high as #60 on the Billboard Hot 100 R&B Charts, but they never officially released an album.

After the group broke up, Shire’ went on to sign a solo deal with Steve Rifkind under his now defunct label SRC/Universal. This deal also didn’t work out because of budget cuts and industry politics. As you can see, Shire’ has definitely seen her fair share of ups and downs in the music industry, however, she remains driven never letting any obstacles discourage her faith or passion to be successful. Ask anyone who knows her and they will tell you she is hardworking and very determined.

She now has a fresh outlook on the music business and is ready to prove to the world that she has the right to be considered as one of the great singer/songwriters of our day. Shire’ is currently in the studio working on her album and has recently been writing and recording with Grammy Award Artist Macy Gray, Grammy Award Producer Vidal Davis, Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter CJ Hilton, Producers Charley & Tekneek, legendary Rapper Talib Kweli, singer Kevin McCall as well as many other talented writers and producers.

Everyone she works with continues to tell her how incredible her voice is and that she can never give up pursuing a career as Singer. When asked about her feelings on her career as a singer/songwriter, she says "I have been blessed with this voice and with another opportunity to pursue my dream; now is my chance to finally make a statement to the industry, my peers and more importantly to all of my fans".

With the recent release of her new Single “Cold World” feat Platinum Rapper Maino, the theme song to the NAACP Image Award Winning BET Original Movie “Gun Hill”, Shire’ plans to take the industry by storm.

Shiré epitomizes the old cliché' that “Success is but failure turned inside out.” Charles “CK” King

"I think she is outstanding, hard-working and very driven, plus she is beautiful and has the voice of an angel." Steve Rifkind (All Def Digital)

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Cold World
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