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According to New York-based pop duo Loote, the best way to describe their sound is by talking about ice cream. “We’re like a perfect chocolate-vanilla swirl soft serve cone,” says Emma Lov, who co-writes and shares vocals with Jackson Foote. Emma’s singer-songwriter background and Jackson’s production technique come together in fresh and unexpected ways—like two distinct flavors —making their tracks exceptional and, well, ice cream cool. 

The result is a confident sound that’s sexy, energetic, and inspired by many of today’s trailblazing artists. It’s undoubtedly poppy, but there’s a sense of craftsmanship and attention to detail apparent in all of their tracks that sets them apart.

Their first single “High Without Your Love,” for example, is a stripped-down summer anthem. The minimal nature of Jackson’s expertly restrained production pushes the song’s intimacy to the forefront, allowing Emma’s growling vocals to shine. “It’s about that initial feeling of ‘I need you, I can’t get enough of you,” she says of the lyrics.

Since signing with Universal Music Publishing Group through a joint venture with SRP they immediately began working closely with other songwriters and artists in the New York music scene. Emma says, “It accelerated our growth as writers and helped me work on my craft.” After writing a handful of songs for other artists and producing remixes for Mike Posner, Shawn Mendes, and LANY tracks, to name a few, Jackson and Emma decided it was time to step out from behind the scenes. 

Now signed to iconic label Island Records, the vibrant and hard-working duo has a platform to share their collaborative efforts. They want their music to help people feel, whether it’s hyping someone up as they walk down the street or giving someone the confidence to make the first move. “We talk about things you’re not supposed to talk about or don’t necessarily know how to articulate,” says Jackson. “Music does that,” adds Emma. “It says what people can’t or don’t say.”

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