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IBEYI are French Cuban twins, Naomi and Lisa-Kainde Diaz. They are daughters of the late Cuban percussionist Anga Diaz.

Naomi plays percussive instruments, the Cajon and Batas, whilst Lisa plays Piano. Together the twins have learned the songs of their father's culture Yoruba.

Yoruba traveled form West Africa to Cuba with slavery in the 1700s. The Yoruba people have the highest twinning rate in the world, and twins occupy an important position within Yoruba culture. Ibeyi is pronounced "ee-bey-ee" and translated as "Twins" in Yoruba.

They sing in English and Yoruba, and have created a minimalist sound that merges elements of their heritage with their natural love of modern music. The pair spent their teenage years growing up in Paris and cite artists such as Frank Ocean, James Blake and King Krule amongst their wide range of influences.

Signed to XL Recordings, their self-titled debut album 'Ibeyi' was released in February 2015 and received critical acclaim.

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Stranger / Lover
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