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Jonny Harris’s musical endeavors began with the band Ghosts which he formed whilst still at school. Signing to Atlantic in 2006 Ghosts went on to release 2 UK top 40 singles and a top 20 album.

The band split in 2010 and Jonny began drumming for the John Newman Band with Piers Agget (now of Rudimental) on keys. Soon after this Jonny started working under the alias of Ghostwriter - as he is now more commonly known.

In 2011 Jonny, together with British singer/songwriter Foxes wrote the single ‘Youth’ which reached number 12 in the UK charts, Jonny then continuing to write and produce the majority of Foxes record (including the tracks ‘Heaven’, ‘Echo’ and ‘Glorious’) which reached number 5 in the UK albums chart.

Jonny’s early connection to Rudimental would also bear fruit as he wrote the hit ‘Waiting all Night’ which soared to number 1 in the UK and went on to win Best British Single at the Brit Awards 2014.

Always a natural collaborator, Jonny introduced Foxes to Rudimental and together they wrote ‘Right Here’, which would reach number 14 in the UK Chart. By July 2013 Jonny’s success had him placed in the top 10 most successful UK songwriters for the second quarter of 2013.  

Currently Jonny’s eagerly anticipated collaborations include Saint Raymond, Jetta, Lauren Aquilina, Gabrielle Aplin, Netsky, Say Lou Lou, Becky Hill, Sigma, James Newman, John Newman, Jess Glynne and Rudimental.

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Rudimental ft Ella Eyre - 'Waiting All Night'