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Eric Arjes

Eric Arjes began writing songs and making records at age 13 with 4-track recording software and a computer mic. While he grew up in the age of digital recording, Arjes found influence in his favorite records, produced by legends and long-term veterans of the recording industry such as Rob Cavallo, Eric Valentine, Ken Nelson, Gil Norton and Brian Eno. Although much has changed in technique and technology over the decades, he still aims to make music with a realism and truth that sometimes gets lost in the digital process.

Arjes was discovered by Grammy-winning producer and mixer Stephen Short in 2007, who became a mentor, manager, and friend, while also being instrumental in his development as a writer, producer, and artist. Eric’s band, Camera Can’t Lie, has toured the US for many years and have found success with TV spots including the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Holiday Ads from Lowe’s Home Improvement. In 2013, success in sync/licensing continued with his new project, Vinyl Hearts. The song, "I Am" was featured in the Dr Pepper "One Of One" TV Ad and the song "Let's Go" was featured in the theatrical trailer for the upcoming Disney feature film Muppets Most Wanted. 

An intense passion for songwriting, Eric has been fortunate to colaborate/have songs cut by Platinum selling artists, including Grammy-nominated band Newsboys, Grammy-winning band Reik, as well as many independent artists. In 2011, Arjes moved to Nashville and by late 2013 had the incredible opportunity to sign a new publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group. With his background as a writer and performer (vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, keyboards, programming), Arjes’ goal is to create music that is organic, hoping to find true emotion and a connection to each song.