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Dust Brothers

Michael Simpson and John King, better known as the DUST BROTHERS, are one of the most sought after producer teams in the industry. Nearly all of their collaborations have been commercially successful resulting in gold and platinum records. Using a Macintosh-based recording system that allows them to record directly to their hard drives, their unique cut and paste style continues to push the envelope for recorded music, especially hip-hop.

Their career started in the mid-‘80s as college DJs hosting the first all-rap radio show in Southern California. The duo soon produced records for Delicious Vinyl, home to Tone-Loc and Young MC. An unexpected visit by the Beastie Boys led to the critically acclaimed album, Paul’s Boutique (Capitol). Pioneering the use of digital samples, the music collages on the album mixed funky beats from hundreds of different tracks, giving the album a historic scope that’s still being copied.

The Dust Brothers have also worked with Beck, Hanson, and The Rolling Stones. They are currently working with Primus on the soundtrack to the movie Orgasmo, and their own debut album.

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