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CLANNAD have given a unique voice to modern Irish music. They have combined a deep love of traditional strains with a bold approach to writing and recording. Their legacy is a hugely impressive collection of albums, touching on folk, rock, ambient, jazz and world music with lyrics that plug directly into the popular imagination.

Their first two albums found them celebrated at home, the 'Magical Ring' album followed (1983), then 'Legend' - a soundtrack commissioned for the television series 'Robin Of Sherwood'. During this period the band received numerous awards including an Ivor Novello and a BAFTA for their ground breaking work on this album.

This primed the band for one of their most mesmeric records yet - 'Macalla’ (1985), which featured more electronic arrangements. The follow up 'Sirius' was completed in Los Angeles with some of the city's most famous musicians, as the Clannad sound took another unscripted change.

'Past Present' (1989) brought the music of Clannad to an even bigger audience, becoming a much loved fixture in the UK charts and eventually going Top 5. The band's were increasingly in demand for soundtrack work, with their music appearing in ‘Last of the Mohicans’ (1992) and ‘Message in a Bottle’ (1999).

The 'Banba' album once again gave Clannad a Top 5 hit in the UK charts in 1993 and marked a momentous anniversary - 20 years together as a professional group. They released the albums 'Lore' (1996) and the Grammy Award winning 'Landmarks' (1998), again proving that no other act had such a distinctive imprint and such a variety of style and tone.

In September 2013, Clannad released 'Nádúr', their first studio album in fifteen years.

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