New signing: Solomon Grey

New signing: Solomon Grey

Universal Music Publishing are proud to announce the signing of artists and composers Solomon Grey.  

Solomon Grey is the London based project of musicians, producers, and composers Tom Kingston & Joe Wilson. Understanding the duo requires ditching the usual definition of a band. No neat genre exists in to which they fit. You’re as likely to find them capturing field recordings as being in the studio sculpting beats.

Solomon Grey first came to public attention at the tail end of 2012, when 'Firechild' appeared online, with no information about the band behind it. The ecstatic reaction to the track led to a deal with Black Butter which, in 2013, released two double-sided singles, including 'Gen V'. The band released their self titled debut on Decca Records in 2016 which has since gone on to soundtrack films, trailers, TV shows, and advertisements. Since then the band have been busy writing scores for BBC & HBO’s adaptation of JK Rowling’s ‘The Casual Vacancy’ and most recently the BBC’s ‘The Last Post'. In February the band will release their much anticipated and very personal second album through Mercury KX, and begin their touring schedule.

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