Basement Jaxx release new album 'Junto'

Basement Jaxx release new album 'Junto'

Basement Jaxx are back with their new album ‘Junto’, released through Atlantic Jaxx / PIAS this week.

‘Junto’ will be the seventh album from Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe - aka Basement Jaxx - and has been two years in the making.  With a title translating from Spanish to mean ‘together’, ‘Junto’ embodies the duo’s ongoing desire to unify people through music.

Featuring the lead single ‘Never Say Never’ this release is both ambitious and inventive, resulting in 13 new explosive dance floor fusion tracks.

Opening the album after an intro fanfare, ‘Power To The People’ is an anthem of global unity, backed by a children’s chorus and the voice of 5000 fans, recorded on Basement Jaxx’s last tour. On the other end of the spectrum closing track ‘Love Is At Your Side’ is an intimate hymn to Simon’s young daughter, sung by folk singer Sam Brookes.

Basement Jaxx have always been alert to the creative possibilities offered by new talent, and ‘Junto’ is no exception. Featuring walk-on-vocals from singers they met in the car park of their studio, on the streets of Edinburgh Festival and those from amidst the ranks of the ‘Jaxx family’ touring party, the theme of togetherness has been evident throughout the albums entire recording process.

Having received a Grammy Award, two Brit Awards and sold around 3.5 million albums worldwide, Basement Jaxx are undoubtedly one of the most critically acclaimed and influential dance acts of the last decade. With ‘Junto’ they now not only reaffirm this position but also bring their unique brand of house music into the center of the current dance music scene.

Never Sat Never ft. ETML