Sub Focus releases second album 'Torus'

Sub Focus releases second album 'Torus'

In the last five years Sub Focus has risen through the ranks of the underground drum & bass scene to become a major player in electronic music. Sub Focus - TorusToday sees the release of his second solo album ‘Torus’ – an LP which further cements his reputation as an artist who successfully manages to walk the line between the commercial and the credible. "Trying to strike that balance is one of my main goals” he explains “writing underground music with mass appeal."

‘Torus’ features the singles 'Falling Down' ‘Out the Blue’ ‘Tidal Wave’ ‘Endorphins’ and ‘Turn It Around’ (3 of which entered the UK Top 20) and features collaborations with Alex Clare, The Alpines, Jess Mills, Kele Okereke and more.

The album effortlessly balances dubstep, drum & bass, 90's jungle, 80’s rave, future garage and even a steel pan symphony. “I like pulling threads from places that maybe aren't meant to go together,” he continues. “I’m quite a magpie in the way I look at music. It's a great time to be making this music as it really seems as if there are no limits to where it can go now."

Turn It Around ft. Kele