Noah and the Whale ‘Heart of Nowhere’

Noah and the Whale ‘Heart of Nowhere’

Noah and the Whale release their fourth studio album today, ‘Heart of Nowhere’.

Talking about beginning the writing process again, Charlie Fink explains that his inspiration for the album was sparked by a memory from his childhood: he was looking for Neil Young’s ‘Harvest’ album in his local library, and was disappointed as he could only find ‘Silver and Gold’ – which went on to become one his favourite records. This gave birth to the theme of the song ‘Silver and Gold’ – learning to love what you find – and kickstarted a sense of nostalgia that runs through the album.

'Heart of Nowhere' opens with an instrumental, string-led burst of sound, before the brazen pop of the title track kicks in - featuring vocals from Anna Calvi. ‘Lifetime’ is full of a yearning for the past, inspired by the feeling of seeing your friends get married, whilst ‘There Will Come a Time’ explores another of the album’s major themes – friendship. 

Noah and the Whale's fourth album is a more collaborative effort than the band’s previous LPs, with the rest of the band contributing to the songwriting process and the album recorded live – embracing any cracks and happy accidents along the way.

The album is accompanied by a film of the same name, directed by Fink, and set in England in the near future. The film’s trailer also serves as the video for the first single from the album ‘There Will Come a Time’. 

There Will Come a Time