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Elvis Costello's 'I Want You' in new gritty romance Only You.

Elvis Costello's 'I Want You' in new gritty romance Only You.

'I Want You' appears in the trailer and during an early scene in the film. 

Telling tales of a tormented relationship, Elvis Costello's 'I Want You', the second single from his 1986 album 'Blood and Chocolate', acts as a fitting accompaniment for the darkly romantic Only You - the new film from director Harry Wootliff. Soundtracking the trailer, and appearing in the film itself, the song is an intense and perfectly placed addition to the film. 

In a review on The Guardian Peter Bradshaw praises the use of the track saying:

"Perhaps the shrewdest moment is the use of Elvis Costello’s song 'I Want You' from the 1986 album Blood and Chocolate, the music of pain in love. It is what Jake selects to play when he comes back to Elena’s place that first time (as a part-time DJ, he takes it on himself to praise her record collection) and it is the music they fall in love to. This ominous song is the wicked witch that presents their newborn romance with the gift of disenchantment."

Watch the trailer, featuring 'I Want You' below. Only You is in cinemas and on demand from 12 July. 


Only You - Official Trailer