Seinabo Sey releases 'Breathe'

Seinabo Sey releases 'Breathe'

"This is my little note to self, a reminder that there are places and spaces where I feel at ease. And in the meantime, until I get there, all I have to do is breathe." - Seinabo Sey

'Breathe' is a bold anthem drenched in quivering strings and a choir’s layered harmonies. Seinabo wrote its central message about self-love and self-acceptance while on an impromptu solo trip to Dakar, Senegal in early 2017. Feeling content, she found herself "sitting there, thinking about why I really enjoyed being there. I love it here because I don’t have to explain myself to people... I realized that as a black woman, so much of our time is spent explaining obvious things about our culture or ourselves, when she would rather just be."

Pushing her art to the next level, Seinabo has taken much of the creative direction for the new record into her own hands, spending the past few months in Gambia to film music videos and shoot a plethora of new images which encompass her new direction. Make sure to watch the video below!

Once again Seinabo has teamed up with fellow UMPG writers MagnusTheMagnus (Magnus Lidehäll) and Vargas & Lagola (Vincent Pontare & Salem Al Fakir).

 Listen to 'Breathe'

Selected press about 'I Owe You Nothing' / 'Remember': 
"She owes us nothing but she gives us loads" - The Guardian

"Seinabo Sey gives you a lot in “I Owe You Nothing”… Sey delivers determination draped in effortless cool." - The FADER

"The lyrics to “I Owe You Nothing” are moving on their own, but paired with the deeply personal images of Sey’s heritage, the video adds another dimension to her art and being" - Pitchfork

"The sound and imagery of gospel infuse this enigmatic song, an anticipatory elegy” (on 'Remember') - The New York Times



Seinabo Sey releases 'Breathe'