Oskar Linnros releases 'Väntar på en Ängel'

Oskar Linnros releases 'Väntar på en Ängel'

After 4 years of silence - Oskar Linnros posted "this year I will say everything" this spring. Since then we have followed the artist Oskar Linnros, his feelings and his fantastic music. His musical shape has never been better, both on stage and in the studio. 
The track list has been built over time. First came the hymn 'Psalm för skolgårdar', then the EP 'Väntar' followed up another EP 'Väntar på en'. Together with 4 new songs they formed album 'Väntar på en Ängel' released November 10th.

The album includes co-writes by fellow UMPG writers: Isak Alverus, Linnéa 'Lune' Martinsson, Elias Kapari, Seinabo Sey and Simon Yemane.

The press release was special as it was a letter about the process creating this album from Oskar Linnros himself.

Watch the video for 'Psalm för skolgårdar' below. 

Listen to 'Väntar på en Ängel'

Tour dates: 
November 17th - Linköping 
November 18th - Lund
November 24th - Örebro
November 25th - Norrköping
November 26th - Vara
December 15th - Luleå
December 16th - Umeå
February 11th - Gothenburg
February 18th - Stockholm 
February 24th - Malmö

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Oskar Linnros releases 'Väntar på en Ängel'