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Converse Spark Progress to the tones of Seinabo Sey

Converse Spark Progress to the tones of Seinabo Sey

In London, talented young creatives need little by way of imaginative spark. However, Converse recognizes the need for insistence in realizing vision. That’s why the brand is focusing its attention on supporting the city’s emerging artists, designers, singers and more — hoping to ensure that the new generation of inventive leaders have opportunity to breakthrough. 

Spark Progress, a film co-made with five local female creatives, serves as the symbolic beginning of Converse's commitment to London. The program aims to follow on the film's mantra — while others are busy deciding our future, we're busy making our own — providing an infrastructure that will allow people working in fashion, music, skate and more to realize their potential.

The music feature in the campaign is Seinabo Sey's 'Breathe' re-recorded by Celeste. 'Breathe' is written by Seinabo Sey, Magnus Lidehäll and Vargas & Lagola.

Watch the video below.

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