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Sam Ellis

Driving a Zamboni at the local ice rink in his hometown of Hespeler, Ontario may seem a long way from the bright lights of Music City, but for Canadian songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Sam Ellis, it was indicative of a path that would lead to a whirlwind of opportunities and adventures that are difficult for any small-town dreamer to imagine. 

Like many before him, Sam honed his musical skills and instincts at his local church, rotating through various instruments as required. As a songwriter, Sam secured his first television placement on YTV’s “Surf Shack” when he was just 10 years old. Encouraged by the taste of that first royalty check, Sam entered his teen years with a relentless drive to develop his new-found craft. Working out of his basement studio, Sam proceeded to nurture his songwriting and producing muscles eventually giving life to featured music and theme songs that can be found on television shows such as CBC’s “Heartland”, Disney Channel’s “The Latest Buzz” and CMT’s “Unstable”, “ER Vets” and “Pick A Puppy”. He also has production and songwriting credits with Canadian artists Leah Daniels, Mandippal Jandu, and Warner Music’s Jesse Labelle to name but a few. 

Once of age, Sam began making monthly trips to Nashville and soon found himself writing with some of the industry’s finest talents. After 3 years of enduring the grueling 13 hour drive, Sam is now proud to call Music City his home. 

In 2012, Ellis signed to UMPG Nashville where he has seen success with artists such as Hunter Hayes, Martina McBride, & Kane Brown. He’s also secured covers outside of the U.S. such as Latin Grammy-winning Spanish pop singer, David Bisbal & Swedish based duo group, Hearts & Colors.