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Chase McGill

Chase McGill grew up in the small town of Columbus, MS.  He began taking piano lessons at the age of 5 and picked up a guitar at age 12.
“I always hated the actual lessons and having to learn other people's songs", McGill says.  "So, to make my mom think I was practicing, I'd have the sheet music in-front of me, but I'd sit for hours and write until I thought I had something that could fool her into thinking a 'real' composer must have done. It never fooled my teacher..."
By the age of 15, McGill had joined his first rock band where he began playing shows at the local theaters and bars. He would spend the next 10 years in bands ranging from country to hard rock, bluegrass to blues and traveling the country, taking in every image and emotion that the life that lead him to Nashville had to offer.
“I spent a lot of my youth in the woods or on the river with my dad. He used to harp on how being observant to every little detail is what would land the bigger buck or bass. I guess I think of songs like that. I think those little details that can only make it from pen to pad if you’ve lived it are what takes the song from a spike to a 12 point so to speak.”
McGill signed his first publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group in December of 2012 and has quickly become one of the most sought-after writers in Nashville. His songs have been recorded by a wide range of Artists including Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Little Big Town, Cole Swindell, Kane Brown, Brett Young, Jon Pardi, Morgan Wallen, and Justin Moore.
In addition to these recordings, Chase has maintained a consistent presence on country radio with singles “The Way I Talk” by Morgan Wallen, “When Someone Stops Loving You” by Little Big Town and scored his first 3 number one songs in 2018 with “Lose It” by Kane Brown, “Break Up In The End” by Cole Swindell, and “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset” by Luke Bryan.