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Luciano Supervielle

is a member of Bajofondo, founded by Oscar Winning Gustavo Santaolalla and Uruguayan Juan Campodónico. Bajofondo has been touring around the world for more than 10 years.

In parallel Supervielle has a solo project in which he has released four albums: Bajofondo presenta Supervielle (2005) gold record in Argentina and Uruguay, Supervielle en el Solís DVD (2008), Rêverie (2011) and Suite for piano and veiled pulse (2016). This has allowed him to gain important internaational recognition and tour around Europe and Latin America winning important awards: two Gardel awards in Argentina, Grafqiti awards and an Iris award for best album of the year in Uruguay.

His new project "Suite para piano y pulso velado" puts together a collection of piano pieces which, through a subtle accompaniment of electronic programming and synthesizers, generates a unique merge of classical music, Rio de la Plata music and new tendencies in electronic music.

He has participated in the production and arrangements of albums of artists such as Jorge Drexler, El Cuarteto de Nos and La Vela Puerca among others.

His music was performed by the National Ballet SODRE directed by Julio Bocca. In 2015 he went on a successful tour around Latin America and USA together with Jorge Drexler.

Luciano Supervielle has also made music for the cinema. Together with Gabriel Casacuberta he composed the original music for El Baño del Papa, a French-Brazilian- Uruguayan co-production which obtained numerous awards in international festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival. In addition to this he composed the soundtrack for Argas, La Redota directed by Cesar Charlone who was nominated for an Oscar in his work in Cidade de Deus. For the soundtrack of La Redota he obtained a special prize in the Gramado Festval in Brazil. He has also carried out the original music for Luis Lara’s film 12 hours 2 minutes.

Supervielle’s music has been used many times on TV and films. The song Miles de Pasajeros from his first album is part of the soundtrack of Oliver Stone’s latest movie, Savages.

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