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In 2013, Anitta strengthened her name in the music scenario by releasing the song Show das Poderosas. This song and its video granted her 2013 Multishow’s Brazilian Music Awards in the categories ‘Earworm’ (“Música chiclete”) and ‘Best Video Music’, respectively.

In the same year, critics from iTunes Art Critics Association from São Paulo (APCA) voted the singer and songwriter Anitta ‘Best New Singer’ (“Cantora Revelação”). She, then, became a national phenomenon and reached top hit on the radio; moreover, all her single releases reached #1 in all radio stations in Brazil. The American magazine Forbes compared Anitta to Shakira for her “World Music Appeal” and stated that the singer has a shot at becoming a global superstar.

In 2015, Anitta also took home the Europe Music Awards (EMA) for ‘Best Latin Artist’, Young Brazilian Award (“Prêmio Jovem Brasileiro”) for ‘Best Singer’ and Domingão do Faustão’s 2015 Best of the Year Award also for ‘Best Singer’. In addition, she was the most-listened female artist on Spotify and she was voted the world sexiest woman by VIP magazine.

On June 2016, Anitta was a special guest to the MIDEM, the leading business event for the international music industry in Cannes, France, representing a great national success case. In the presence of Stu Bergen, CEO – International & Global Commercial Services, Warner Music Group (USA); Iñigo Zabala, President of Latin America & Iberia, Warner Music Group (USA); and Jem Aswad, Contributing Editor – Billboard (USA), as mediator, all extraordinary numbers of her carrier were presented to the public in the press conference.

Anitta was also one of the highlights of Rio 2016 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, where she performed alongside singers and songwriters Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso. On October 2016, she sang in a duet with Andrea Bocelli – one of the greatest international musicians – in the Italian tenor’s concerts in São Paulo and Curitiba, on his most recent tour to Brazil.

Her first album, which is named after her (Anitta), was released in July 2013 with 14 tracks, most of them of Anitta’s authorship. Her second album, Ritmo Perfeito, was released on July 2014. Its song Ritmo Perfeito was awarded ‘Best Music’ in 2015 Multishow’s Music Award, in which Anitta also won the ‘Best Concert’ category. Bang (2016) was the third album in her carrier and it has 15 original tracks. The music video for Bang already has over 300 million views since its release and that makes Anitta the only Brazilian female singer to have achieved this.

Bang tour was awarded ‘Best Concert’ in 2016 Multishow’s Music Award. On the same occasion, Anitta won ‘Best Music’ Award for Blecaute, co-authored by Jota Quest.

Immediately after her last album, the artist released singles and videos that brought even more visibility to her already expressive work. The first one was
the track Gaza, a duet between Anitta and J Balvin. Both artists released the world hit in an exclusive remixed version for Brazil.

The single Sim ou Não was recorded with the Colombian phenomenon Maluma and it debuted in #1 on iTunes. Within a month of its release, its video reached the incredible mark of 25 million views. The artists also recorded a Spanish version entitled ‘Sí o No’, especially for the Latin public.

After that, Anitta participated on Iggy Azalea’s song Switch. Both artists, Anitta and the Australian singer, presented this song on The Tonight Show, run by Jimmy Fallon, which made Anitta the first Brazilian to participate on the talk show as a musical attraction.

Paradinha is another successful song along with its video. Its Spanish solo hit marked Anitta’s debut on international music scenario. It also had over 5 million views on the first day of its release, making it the best view-related performance video on the same day in 2017 and awarding Anitta ‘Top Official Music Video By First Day’ in views on Brazil. In a week, Paradinha had had 21 million views on YouTube. Nowadays, the video has over 302 million views and counting.

In 2017, the singer released the single and its video Sua Cara in partnership with Major Lazer and Pablo Vittar. The video was recorded in the Sahara desert, in Morocco, and Diplo, one of Major Lazer trio DJs, took part on it. Sua Cara hit world records: most-viewed video in 24 hours in 2017 and the fastest to reach 1 million likes.

In September, Anitta started an original project in Brazil: CheckMate, in which she promised to release an exclusive music and its video every month. Until December, there had been a total of four new songs and videos. She sings in English Will I See You, which was produced by the American Poo Bear and was the first release of this musical phase. Also in English, she recorded Is That For Me with the Swiss DJ Alesso and released it in October. In November, she released Downtown with the Colombian singer J. Balvin. Going back to her origins, that made her well known, and finalizing the project, Anitta released the Brazilian funk Vai malandra, in which MC Zaac and Maejor ft. Tropkillaz and DJ Yuri take part.

CheckMate was a success and the numbers prove it. Downtown and Vai Malandra were on Spotify ‘Top 50 Global’, which shows the most played songs worldwide. On YouTube, Vai Malandra hit view records and became the most viewed video in Brazil in 24 hours.

On January 18th 2018, Anitta participated on Machika, the new J. Balvin song with Jeon. On the Colombian singer channel, the song has over 168 million views.

Nowadays, Anitta has over 11 million followers on her YouTube channel and her videos sum up 3.4 billion views. Besides that, she was the first Brazilian female artist to be granted a Snapchat verified profile. On Instagram, she has  36 million followers, what makes her the most followed Brazilian woman on
social media. On Facebook, she has 13.4 million likes. On Twitter, she has over 8.2 million followers.

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'Bola Rebola' - Tropkillaz, J Balvin, Anitta ft. MC Zaac
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