Bastille release debut album 'Bad Blood' Bastille release debut album 'Bad Blood'

Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 11 March 2013

Bastille's debut album ‘Bad Blood’, released on 4th March, has shot straight to the top of the UK album charts.

Bastille is the brainchild of Dan Smith – although it is a collaborative project involving bassist Will Farquarson, keyboard player Kyle Simmons, drummer Chris 'Woody' Wood and producer Mark Crew. On hearing that their album has entered the charts at No. 1, Dan said the band were "completely blown away by how many people have bought the album, and have no idea what to say." 

Dan’s aim with 'Bad Blood' was to “approach each song differently. I wanted each to be its own story with its own atmosphere." This storytelling element is a quality reflected in the film-like narrative videos that have accompanied previous singles - such as ‘Laura Palmer’ which uses the story of Twin Peaks' mysterious murder victim, or the No. 2 single ‘Pompeii’, a tale of two lovers frozen in time.

Talking about the themes running through 'Bad Blood', Dan explains; "Some of the album is about stepping back and looking at what kind of person you've become. It’s that dawning realisation that everything has piled up on top of you and it’s up to you, as an adult, to sort yourself out.”

Drowned in Sound’s verdict is that 'Bad Blood' “has more properly catchy songs on this one record than some bands manage in a lifetime”, BBC Music call it “a really gratifying debut that feels like a solution”, whilst Digital Spy praise the “addictive melodies, humble lyrics and cohesive sound”, concluding that “Bastille are a band where the buzz words couldn't be truer.”

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