Vigiland success Vigiland success

Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 13 februari 2017

Universal Music Publishing is proud to congratulate our writers and artists Vigiland (Claes Remmered Persson & Otto Pettersson), celebrating the singles 'UFO', 'Shots & Squats' and 'Pong Dance' selling 15X platinum in total, in Sweden. 

6X Platinum - 'UFO'
5X Platinum - 'Shots & Squats'
4X Platinum - 'Pong Dance'

'Shots & Squats' and 'Pong Dance' are written with fellow UMPG writers Simon Strömstedt, Noël Svahn and David Landolf.

All Vigiland releases together have 250 million Spotify streams and 'Shots & Squats' just reached the 100 million landmark. 

Özgur Türk (manager), Anton Ericson (Universal Music Publishing), Otto Pettersson (Vigiland), Claes Remmered Persson (Vigiland), Henrik Hansson (Universal Music), Martin Brandt (Universal Music), Emil Soujeh