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Universal Music Publishing Scandinavia's Film & TV Department creates opportunities for and licenses our catalogue of songs to film, television, advertising, computer games and stage productions: what is often referred to as 'synchronization'. We work closely with our writers to support their creative endeavours and both promote and protect their music at every stage of their career. Universal Music Publishing Film & TV department creates opportunities for our writers, for example collaborations with other writers or brands and original film score writing.

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Vogue "The Magic Diner Part II"

Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 09 februari 2018 'The Magic Diner Part II', another original short written and directed by Niclas Larsson, starring Alicia Vikander and Anna Wintour. Original score music by Petter Winnberg and Nils Törnqvist.

TCM Remembers

Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 29 januari 2018

TCM Remember - A tribute to recently deceased notable film personalities (including actors, producers, composers, directors, writers and cinematographers) to the tunes of The Cardigans - 'Lead Me Into The Light'. 

Official Olympics trailer

Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 14 januari 2018

The official Olympics trailer for Swedish TV channel Kanal 5 features Tomas Andersson Wij's cover of Eric Saade - 'Popular' (written by Fredrik Kempe). 

Netflix - Black Mirror

Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 03 januari 2018 There's only one way to say goodbye to 2017. Six new Black Mirror stories, now streaming. The trailer features ABBA - 'Happy New Year'.

EF - Boston

Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 18 december 2017 EF uses a re-recording of Fleetwood Mac - 'Everywhere' in their new commercial for studying abroad. 

Stockholms Stadsmission

Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 01 december 2017 Third year in a row we are involved in Stockholms Stadsmission's Christmas campaign to bring the attention to the vulnerability of homeless people in Stockholm during the cold winter. 
This year's campaign features Jonathan Johansson - 'Aldrig Ensam'. 


Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 20 november 2017

Hjärtebarnsfonden's heartbreaking campaign supporting children born with heart disease features the classic Evert Taube song 'Så länge skutan kan gå' in a new version. 

SK-II - Your Statement, Your Bottle

Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 08 november 2017 Mapei - 'Step Up' co-written by Magnus Lidehäll and Salem Al Fakir is featured in the launch video for SK-II's Change Destiny Limited Edition Collection of Facial Treatment Essence.