UMPG sweep Music Business Worldwide A&R awards with four Award wins

Posted by Universal Music Publishing 02 November 2017

At the second Music Business Worldwide awards held last night, Universal Music Publishing Group artists and team took home four awards. Caroline Elleray was honoured with the Sir George Martin award, Steve Mac took home 'Songwriter of the Year' and 'Producer of the Year' while the company as a whole won 'Publisher of the Year.'

Fatboy Slim joins Julien Temple's 'Ibiza - The Silent Movie'

Posted by Universal Music Publishing 19 Oktober 2017

Fatboy Slim has been announced as music director for Julien Temple’s upcoming documentary ‘Ibiza – The Silent Movie’. Also known as Norman Cook, the legendary DJ will curate a selection of his own and other producer’s work. 

Seinabo Sey - 'Easy' wins Best Music In Commercials

Posted by Universal Music Publishing 11 Oktober 2017 Last night Seinabo Sey, Magnus Lidehäll, Salem Al Fakir and Universal Music Publishing Scandinavia's synch department were awarded Best Music In Commercials at Roygalan in Stockholm. 

‘Shake Rumble and Quake’ for new TV advert

Posted by Universal Music Publishing 25 September 2017 ‘Shake Rumble and Quake’ by Bonti ft. Latif features in Very's Autumn campaign 'Do More This Autumn'. UMPG are proud to have worked with We Are Theodore and to make this wonderful sync happen.

Music Business Worldwide A&R Awards 2017

Posted by Universal Music Publishing 21 September 2017 UMPG have been nominated for seven awards in the Music Business Worldwide A&R awards which will be presented in November at Abbey Road Studios. 

Bruce Springsteen betraut UMPG mit der weltweiten Verwaltung seines ikonischen Katalogs

Posted by Universal Music Publishing 31 Juli 2017

Bruce Springsteen hat jüngst einen Exklusivvertrag mit der Universal Music Publishing Group unterschrieben. UMPG wird in Zukunft den gesamten Bruce Springsteen Song-Katalog inkl. zukünftiger Projekte und Veröffentlichungen verwalten. UMPG ist der erste Verlag von Springsteen, der ihn als alleiniger Publisher weltweit repräsentieren wird.