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The Writers Block With Spit Syndicate The Writers Block With Spit Syndicate

Posted by Universal Music Publishing on 28 April 2017 Following on from the release of their album ‘One Good Shirt Had Us All Fly’, Sydney based Hip Hop duo Spit Syndicate aka Nick Lupi and Jimmy Nice talk about their writing process, the importance of collaboration and more.

You’ve just released your fourth studio album, how does it feel getting another album out there?
It feels amazing to have the album out and in the hands of the people we made it for. We've been living and breathing this project for a couple of years now and the overwhelmingly positive response so far has been truly satisfying.

Comparing the process of writing this album with previous releases, have you changed your process at all? What and why?

Our process for this album compared to our previous works hasn't changed too much, we still make music with the same people we started this journey with. Although we did make a conscious decision to collaborate with more artists this time round. We like to work with people we already have a personal relationship with so that the process is an organic one.

‘Peak and Pit’ of the writing process?
Peak of writing this album would have to be the reward of seeing these songs come to life in a live setting. The pit of this process would probably be the time and red tape involved in completing a song and it reaching the listener's ear.

What does the title mean and what inspired it?
The title of the album 'One Good Shirt Had Us All Fly' is an ode to a teenage ritual of ours where we would share an item of clothing around the crew in an effort to see us all shine. It's the same process we adopt with our music to this day.

Who are you main influences for the album?
Main influences on this album would be the people that we keep closest. This is our most collaborative album but also our most personal work to date. We like to tell honest stories that are true to us.

Any memorable moments?
Memorable moments would have to be anytime our vision had been perfectly executed. Songs take different form over time but to see an idea through from concept to completion and execute it exactly how you saw it is rare.

Favourite song on the album?
Our favourite songs change from week to week, I feel like that is the yardstick for a great album.

How important is collaboration in your process?
Collaboration is key to growing as an artist. Great artists can observe and adapt, you need to keep people around you who can better you.

How did you narrow down the selection for who you collaborated with?
We like to work with producers that make music with feeling. You could have the hottest beat around but if we can't emotionally connect with the piece of music we will move on.

If you could collaborate with any artist or producer, who would it be?
We're huge fans of Anderson.Paak, he would be top of the list.

When writing a new track, what comes first – the music, lyrics or melody?
It's different every time but usually the music will dictate the melody and from there comes the story of the song.

Finally, how has The Writers Block helped you throughout this whole process?
The Writers Block allowed us to execute our vision in a space that was comfortable and creative. We love being able to catch a vibe whenever we're making music. We found that there.