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Years & Years

Signed to Polydor, the band have toured with Clean Bandit and Sam Smith, sold out their own London shows, and gained huge attention. With influences including Flying Lotus, Gus Van Sant, Anne Carson, Edward Hopper and Phillip Lorca diCorcia; Years & Years share an obsession for duality in their art, and capturing those moments.

In 2018,  Years and Years released ‘Palo Santo’, the follow up to their hit debut, ‘Communion’. All of Olly’s newly minted creative ambition will find its pure physical pulse. Already, at the early listening stage, it feels stuffed full of meaningful hits, a transitional leap from the lay-lines of the homespun pop majesty of ‘Communion’ toward something of the crystalline magic that ran once through the Jackson family fingertips. On standout cuts ‘Karma’ and single ‘If You’re Over Me’, Years and Years have crafted their own special landmarks that feel intuitively connected to great British pop classicism while standing bolt upright on a world stage next to Drake, The Weeknd and Rihanna. On ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Rendez Vous’ they make expedient work of taking it directly under the mirror ball for a Saturday night rave.

‘Palo Santo’ is a whole new universe created from the imagination of the singer. “Where can I be my freest self, not tied to a gender or sexuality. I’ll just create my own world where those things don’t exist, where anybody can be any gender and sexuality that they like.”

The trio have impressively reached No.1 in the UK charts with 'King'. Whilst debut album 'Communion' reached No.1 in the UK Official Albums Chart, outselling the rest of the top 5 combined in the process. 


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'If You're Over Me'