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Wretch 32

Jermaine Scott aka WRETCH 32 is the new don of UK hip hop – the metaphor man, as referred to by the grime glitterati – whose way with words and ear for a tough, infectious beat and sinuous, memorable melody have successfully and swiftly solidified the hype around him.

The boy from Tottenham has for a while been a name to conjure within underground circles, but with three consecutive top five hits and a critically acclaimed albums with ‘Black and White’ and ‘Growing Over Life’ under his belt, it is safe to say that Wretch 32 has consolidated his name in the mainstream. 

Since ‘Black and White’ he’s collaborated with the best of British talent, from a collaboration with Emeli Sande on Naughty Boy’s 2013 ‘Hotel Cabana’ album, stormed into the top 10 with the critically acclaimed ‘Six Words’, and released a mixtape titled, ‘Young Fire, Old Flame’ that re-ignited his capital with the UK underground. 

 Wretch 32’s latest album ‘Growing Over Life’ was released in September 2016 via Polydor. His prowess as a lyricist and writer is as evident in his cathartic freestyles as throughout the new album, pushing the limits of his ability across an eclectic selection of tracks.

“This is the album I’ve been waiting five years to release – and been waiting a whole lifetime to make” says the endlessly acclaimed North London rapper. It’s a lifetime digested and reflected upon, and ‘Growing Over Life’ sits neatly in the middle space between rap freestyles and chart hits. Five years in the making, and with a new energy, the British Caribbean Londoner has taken a deep breath and relaxed into his musical approach. As a result, ‘Growing Over Life’ is uncompromisingly soulful and raw, and expertly stakes his claim as part of a generation of great British singer songwriters.

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