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Lizzy McAvoy

At just 22 years of age, Lizzy McAvoy is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter who captures audiences with her down-to-earth lyrics and approachable melodies.

Growing up in a small central Ohio town amongst cornfields and cow pastures, Lizzy discovered her love of music early. In 1995 at age 4, she debuted the role of Molly in “Annie” with a professional summer theatre group demonstrating that she is very comfortable on stage. This led to 10 years of theatre productions and over 18 years in front of an audience. In 2004 at age 13, Lizzy expanded her musical abilities to include, Marty, a DC-16 Martin acoustic guitar. Marty became a vehicle to help Lizzy discover her songwriting voice. Dreams of Broadway were soon traded in for singing and songwriting in Nashville, TN.

In 2007, Lizzy and her family moved to Music City. Just two years later in 2009, Lizzy signed her first publishing deal. After years of writing on the row, performing with her band and countless iPhone work tapes, Lizzy was beginning to find her place. Between 1995 and 2011, Lizzy acquired and learned how to play over 10 different instruments including piano, banjo, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Irish bouzouki, mandolin, bass and newest addition, Hank, the ukulele. However, she was not content with just singing and playing all her own music. Once again, Lizzy decided to expand her musical capabilities and taught herself Pro Tools. When Lizzy is not playing, singing, engineering and producing tracks in her home studio, she can be found baking and continuing her efforts to create the perfect pie crust.

Lizzy was thrilled to sign her new publishing deal with Universal Publishing Music Group at the beginning of 2013. She is excited to join a team of talented musicians and music professionals. She is anxious to collaborate with other artists and she strives to create a unique and fresh sound while still letting her own irreplaceable personality shine through.