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After meeting each other in the Jazz band during their years of attending the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (L.A.C.H.S.A), Brian Warfield and Mac Robinson began their careers in music production. The two eventually worked together, combined studio equipment and the duo FISTICUFFS was formed.

Warfield and Robinson gained attention for their first placement together on Jazmine Sullivan's song "One Night Stand" off her debut album Fearless, which went gold and earned two Grammy nominations. While this was going on, Fisticuffs was assisting in the development of R&B singer Miguel. After gaining a huge buzz through Myspace, Fisticuffs and Miguel went on to release the Mischief mixtape. Later that year, Miguel scored himself a record deal with Mark Pitts at Jive Records, and Fisticuffs produced five songs on his debut album All I Want Is You, one of which -- "Quickie" -- became their first #1 R&B Chart single. To date, Fisticuffs has been a part of and produced on all of Miguel’s other albums including the Grammy nominated album “Kaleidoscope Dream” (Arch & Point, Pu**y Is Mine, Gravity) and “Wildheart” (The Valley, Hollywood Dreams). They also co-produced on Mariah Carey’s single, #Beautiful, which featured Miguel and earned them ASCAP & BMI Awards in 2014.

During that time, Fisticuffs also came into contact with an unsigned Jhene Aiko. In a similar situation, Jhene and Fisticuffs released the Sailing Souls Mixtape which lead to her getting a record deal with No I.D at Artium/ Def Jam Records. With an exception of the Bonus track, Fisticuffs produced Jhene’s entire debut album, “Sail Out” which got a Grammy nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album in 2014. The single – “The Worst” – went on to become their first Billboard #1 and also earned them a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Song.

Currently, Fisticuffs have been in the studio with Yuna and ended up executive producing her upcoming album set to drop in 2016. Also set to drop is Jhene’s forthcoming album which Fisticuffs is also executive producing. The duo has no signs in slowing down and are looking to start up their very own label so they can start signing acts themselves. When it comes to new artists, Fisticuffs aren’t strangers in developing and seeing these people turn into stars.

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The Worst