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Crystal Fighters

CRYSTAL FIGHTERS are a band who learn from humanity’s most ancient traditions to make music that sounds like the future. The core trio of singer Sebastian ‘Bast’ Pringle, guitar and txalaparta player Graham Dickson and multi-instrumentalist Gilbert Vierich have spent the last three years traversing the planet, reconnecting with nature and learning to play forgotten instruments. They return now with a new record ‘Everything Is My Family’ which embodies their ecstatic lust for life and, as Bast says, “is more dancefloor, more psychedelic, more tropical, more rave, more sunshine, more pretty much everything” than anything they have covered before. 

Songs include euphoric lead single ‘All Night’, which Gilbert describes as the track on the album which may remind people most of the music the band have made before, because it “brings positivity and excitement” and was written in the band’s adopted home of the Basque Country, where elements of their first two albums were recorded. Another big party tune is ‘Good Girls’, which Bast says is a “classic story about a girl who turns out not to love you as much as you thought. We love the song, and we love the vibe of it.”

Elsewhere on the record, the band have explored new genres and sounds without losing their Crystal Fighters essence. “We’ve tipped our hats to other genres of music that we haven’t touched on in the last two albums,” says Gilbert. “We have new guitar tones, new synth sounds, we’ve been listening to everything from minimal techno, to cumbia, breaks house, and disco, so our ears have developed in those terms.”

In the handful of years since the release of their debut record ‘Star of Love’ in 2010, Crystal Fighters have firmly established themselves as one of the planet’s great live bands. “A bunch of songs, like ‘Ways I Can’t Tell’ and ‘Fly East’ were written specifically for the live show,” says Graham. “We can’t wait to play them.” “We write songs that make us want to dance around the studio,” adds Bast. “We figure that if it makes us dance it will probably make other people want to dance too.”

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'All Night'
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