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Bernard "BHarv" Harvey

BERNARD "BHARV" HARVEY was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. He was introduced to the musical arts at a young age, and began playing the Cello at nine years old. Harv was destined for something greater, which turned out to be his musical weapon, THE BASS GUITAR. Throughout his younger years BHarv continued perfecting his craft with each passing year. His exceptional talent on the bass became recognized on a merit based level and landed him a scholarship at Alabama State University where he obtained a degree in Music Technology. He began playing in church, and local bands ultimately sharpening his musical ear which lead him to express interest in production.

BHarv launched his professional music industry career after moving to Atlanta, Georgia in 2007. An experienced bass guitarist and composer, BHarv quickly established a friendship with Grammy-winning producer Shondrae “Bangladesh" Crawford. BHarv played bass guitar on a few major placements produced by his friend “Bangladesh” such as “Lemonade” by Gucci and “A Kiss” by Eminem.

In 2010, BHarv hit the road playing the bass for Scooter Braun’s artist, Justin Bieber. In 2011, BHarv signed his first publishing deal with Sheba and Universal Music Publishing Group (UPMG) And in 2012, BHarv became an artist under the Scooter Braun Project LLC, joining an array of other internationally known artists and producers.

Taking his production to the next level, Harv has established HarvSquad Production building a team of raw talented producers, writers and artist. With a mission to create a movement of next generation artist with unique sounds, HarvSquad is off to an amazing start.