Theme Park release self-titled debut album

Theme Park release self-titled debut album

Theme Park release their eponymous debut album today on Transgressive Records.  Opening with the loose, beaty ‘Big Dream’ and including the sun-kissed 'Jamaica' and most recent single ‘Tonight’, the album aims to capture that rich period of life between school and the early twenties. It evokes far flung places and sunny days – although it was actually recorded in a small almost windowless studio in Hackney.

Singer/guitarist Miles Haughton’s writing technique goes some way towards explaining the summery mood that runs through the album. “I find it interesting that people can write when they’re sad. I write when I’m in a wave of happiness and euphoria because I want to share the feeling.” His twin brother and fellow band member Marcus adds, “I want it to be appreciated as a pop album, rather than the debut of a left field East London band.”

The album certainly succeeds in providing a welcome blast of summery warmth to a cold February. The Line of Best Fit hail ‘Theme Park’ as “a hugely charismatic debut” and “a gorgeous-sounding record”, BBC Music note that it’s “pieced together perfectly, each song full of sunshine and memorable melodies, and crafted with care” whilst Drowned in Sound describe it as “drenched in irresistible hooks and big heady choruses.”

Miles sums up his feelings about the band’s debut; “It’s hopefully an optimistic album. It’s easy to be cynical – I like to give the world a chance.”