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The Chemical Brothers

UMPG represent The Chemical Brothers for the albums ‘Exit Planet Dust’, ‘Dig Your Own Hole’, ‘Surrender’, ‘Come with Us’, ‘Push the Button’, ‘We Are the Night’ ‘Further’ and the ‘Hanna’ soundtrack.

Since they first met, The Chemical Brothers have been on a mission. Their aims: to find the sounds no one had heard before, to push their music as far as it will go, to make each record fresher and more exciting than the last.

They released their debut album ‘Exit Planet Dust’ in June 1995, selling over a million copies worldwide, while the singles ‘Leave Home’ and ‘Life Is Sweet’ both went top twenty in the UK. Before the year was out ‘Setting Sun’ With Noel Gallagher rocketed to the top of the charts and became the most punk number one of the year.

The Chemical Brothers' second album, ‘Dig Your Own Hole’, took charge of the top spot on the album charts upon its release in April 1997, and on the wings of America's growing electronica push, the album sailed to number fourteen stateside and went gold. After a three year gap they returned with 2005's ‘Push the Button’, with guest vocalists Q-Tip, Tim Burgess, Kele Okereke, and the Magic Numbers.

In February 2012, having just returned from the US where Tom Rowlands picked up the L.A film critics awards for Best Score for The Chemical Brothers work on ‘Hanna’, the global premiere of The Chemical Brothers ‘Don’t Think’, directed by Adam Smith, took place in twenty five cities across the globe. It was a one of a kind experience definitely not to be missed! London saw exuberant fans dancing in the aisles and applauding along with the Fuji crowd, a reaction mirrored in cities across the world from Auckland to Buenos Aires - redefining the cinematic experience.

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