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Robert DeLong

Robert DeLong is a one-man futuristic dance party as well as a profoundly gifted singer/songwriter who raises questions about identity and spirituality. Those two elements join together on his debut album ‘Just Movement’, a dazzling collection of dance beats, pop hooks and thought-provoking queries that could very well be the soundtrack for 2013.

“The whole album is sort of a thesis statement for my philosophy” explains DeLong, who produced, mixed and performed the entire album himself. “‘Just Movement’ is not only about the philosophical idea, but also ‘Just Movement,’ the idea of dance, that’s kind of the primal response to music.”

There’s no concern for DeLong about not having the songs to accompany his music. He started off as a singer/songwriter playing in bands. The electronic dance element came later, after moving from Seattle to L.A. but he made sure to keep both. That mix is what makes DeLong special and has already allowed him to build a diverse following. “I would hear from people, especially my age, they identify with the lyric and the songwriter aspect. And younger people identify with the whole dance vibe,” he says. “That’s something I’ve always strived for, to make the message easily communicable to people, but then people can still have a good time and enjoy the party."

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