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The recurring theme within RIVRS’s growing body of song is that love moves in mysterious ways. The London-based electronic band delve deep into the dark heart of romantic relationships, and set their tales of love and loss to nocturnally atmospheric productions that simultaneously evoke the spirit of Julio Bashmore, Everything But The Girl and Depeche Mode. Single ‘Friend/Lover’ gets right to the heart of the matter with its opening line: “Don’t want be your friend / I want to be your lover.”

The first RIVRS track to gain wider traction was ‘Last Love’ – a song about obsessively trying to recover from the dissolution of a first love. Launched on the New Faces II compilation from influential French label Kitsuné Records, it prompted a chain of events that evolved after the Kitsuné showcase gig: live dates included a sold-out show at London’s Barfly, a tour as guest to Marina & The Diamonds, and festival action at the British Summer Time festival headlined by Taylor Swift.

RIVRS filled the gap between ‘Last Love’ and ‘Friend/Lover’ by uploading their interpretation of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Chain’. Reimagined with moody synths and beats and respite with the emotional turmoil of the original’s lyrics, their take on the track feels like a seamless fit alongside the nature of their own material.

A couple themselves, RIVRS have an overriding concept planned for their debut album. “We want the album to start with the beginning of a relationship and chart it to the end of that relationship,” explains Fin. “It’s a subject that I’m naturally drawn to,” concurs Charlotte. “As a teenager, I loved The Cure and a lot of their tracks were about love and relationships and dark romance.”

As the next stage in their career takes shape, prepare for a whole new audience to become enamoured with RIVRS.

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