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Maika Makovski

Singer, songwriter, musician, actress and visual artist, Maika won her first professional recognition at the age of 15 and her first awards in 2002 before even releasing an album. Her first two albums "Kradiaw" (2005, PAE) and "Kraj so Koferot" (2007, Wildpunk Records) were critically acclaimed and Maika toured extensively throughout Europe, with El Mundo proclaiming her "the best female artist to come out of the underground rock scene in years." 

John Parish (producer of PJ Harvey, Eels, Tracy Chapman...) invited Maika in 2009 to his Bristol studio to record her 3rd album “Maika Makovski” (2010, Origami Records) which features collaborations with Jim Barr (Portishead) and Billy Fuller (Robert Plant). With her band (David Martínez on drums, JC Luque on bass guitar and percussion, Oskar Benas on guitar and backing vocals) Maika toured the album to ecstatic audiences in London, New York, Chicago, Austin Texas, and throughout Spain during 2010 and 2011. 

El País described her as “a muse of the underground and one of the most authoritative voices of Spanish rock” and the band were nominated for 5 Premios Ufi (Independent Music Awards), winning best artist in June 2011.

In 2011 releases "Desaparecer", inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's texts, which is also the sountrack of the stage play directed by Calixto Bieito and where she stars in with Juan Echanove. In her last LP "Thank You For The Boots" (2012), Maika performs her ten songs with her usual strength. It is an album dedicated to friendship, which she continues performing it live, highly successful with audiences and critics.

We already know "Not in Love", the new single of her next album, titled "CHINOOK WIND". She describes it as a song where "there is sadness as well as malicious intent and, unlike "Bulldog" - which goes direct to the throat -, in "Not in Love" you do not realize it and, if you let it flow, you might be invaded by a wave of mixed feelings".  This new LP has been recorded in Bristol with John Parish, with who she had worked in her third album. 

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Not in Love