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Eliza Doolittle

The young Londoner who lit up the 2010 festival season and holiday airwaves with ‘Pack Up’, ‘Rollerblades’ and ‘Skinny Genes’ – has been front and centre on a pair of songs that helped define summer 2013. First off the blocks came ‘You & Me’, the club smash collaboration with Disclosure, with Eliza’s vocals floating deliciously over the garage cut. Then came ‘Big When I Was Little’ - the first single from Eliza’s second album ‘In Your Hands’ - which is a gorgeous slice of sunny-day delight. 

Eliza began writing songs for her second album in September 2011, as the two-year world tour in support of her self-titled first album finally ended. One of the earliest recording sessions was in London, with writer/producers Steve Robson and Wayne Hector. It resulted in ‘Waste of Time’, a sun drenched, piano-based R&B number that instantly showcases her ever maturing, soulful voice. Meanwhile, ‘Let It Rain’ (set to be the album’s second single), is a tune apart, timeless in all the best ways - big, bold and uplifting.

Eliza acknowledges that writing the album wasn’t a smooth process - in the middle of the recording process, her relationship ended: cue two of the album’s heartland songs: the title track ‘In Your Hands’ and the sublime ‘No Man Can’.  But what does Eliza Doolittle think her second album would be like if she hadn’t suffered that cataclysmic split in the middle of its creation? “Yeah, it wouldn’t have been half as good,” she smiles. “My pain is my gain.”

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Let It Rain
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