UMPG Songs - Tips

Whether you’re looking for a cover of a classic song or the hottest new releases, UMPG Songs helps your find that perfect song, fast. Read our top tips for using UMPG Songs...

View Library

When you open the UMPG Songs Music Search, you’ll see the full list of songs in UMPG’s catalogue.

UMPG Songs

Filter Library

You can filter the whole library, or filter your search results. 

Refine search results using tags - including Genre, Musical Mood, Lyrical Theme, Instrument and Version. You can layer tags on top of each other to finely tune your search.

UMPG Songs

Remember – ‘Clear Search’ returns you to the full library.

Search Songs: Advanced Search

Advanced Search lets you search the entire library by any combination of Language, Version, Record Company, Release Date, BPM, US Chart Position and Lyric.

UMPG Songs

• Using US Charting

Search for songs that charted at a certain position or year in the US. Remember to show the ‘US Charting’ column in your search results, via ‘Edit Columns’. You can expand and view chart information in your search results.

UMPG Songs

UMPG Songs

European charts coming soon...

• Using Lyric Search

Enter a search term, and search within available song lyrics.

UMPG Songs

Song Page

Click on a Song Title in your search results for:

• Release Date
• Available download formats - click to download
• Alternate Versions
• Lyrics
• Charting

UMPG Songs


UMPG Songs lets you create your own playlists of songs, which you can then download once approved.

Creating Playlists: Drag and Drop

You can quickly transfer songs to playlists, using drag and drop. Open the ‘Playlists’ tab, then simply select songs, and drag them into the destination playlist.

UMPG Songs

You can also add songs to playlist by selecting the song, and using the ‘+Playlist’ button.

UMPG Songs

Manage Playlists

This tab lets you see all of your playlists, at a glance.

UMPG Songs

Short of inspiration? You can also search for all Themed Playlists created by UMPG Staff worldwide. Search for a specific theme, or view all Themed Playlists.

UMPG Songs

Manage Pitches

When UMPG Staff pitch songs to you, these are stored for your reference in your own library of pitches.

UMPG Songs

Happy searching!

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