SKAP Awards

SKAP Awards

Every year SKAP (The Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors) provide grants and awards to songwriters to shine light on creative diversity and the people behind the music. This year Jörgen Elofsson, Seinabo Sey and Vincent Pontare each received awards from SKAP on October 8th.

Seinabo Sey received the “Jubilee Award” that’s awarded “young writers who will go on and make big things but has already made a significant impact”.

Jörgen Elofsson received the 'Honorary Award' because of his longevity in the music scene, beginning with his essential role at Cherion to writing hits to artists such as Westlife, Britney Spears, Celine Dion and Bryan Adams.

To read more about SKAP visit their website here.