Deal Extension Herman van Veen

Deal Extension Herman van Veen

We are very happy to announce that we extended our relation with Herman van Veen.


Herman released his first album in 1968, ‘Herman van Veen I’. This was the start of a long, successful career as a musician. He is also known as a successful stage performer, actor and author.


His latest release is called ‘Vallen of Springen’ and is available from September 15th, 2017.

‘Vallen of Springen’ is his 182nd album. He cooperated with multiple songwriters and composers for this album, some names are Herman de Coninck, Bart Moeyaert, Judith Herzberg, Ramsey Nasr and the composers Edith Leerkes and Marnix Dorrestein. ‘Vallen of Springen’ was produced by the same team (Marnix Dorrestein, Jurriaan JJ Sielcken and Edith Leerkes) as Herman’s last album, ‘Kersvers’.


In 2016, He received the BUMA Lennaert Nijgh Prijs, an award for best songwriter. The jury stated: “Herman sings in surprisingly accessible language of subjects that many people prefer to avoid.” This is something that really characterizes him as lyricist. The ability to transform a difficult subject into an apparently simple, yet beautiful song. This is also something that shows in his latest release, with songs like ‘Vrijheid’ and ‘Breaking News’.


He will be in the Dutch theaters from 2017 until December 2018 including Koninklijk Theater Carré starting October 26th until December 10th.

Alles doet ertoe - Herman van Veen - Promo 'Vallen of springen'