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Paloma Faith

Stepping out as a solo artist back in 2009, it was immediately and abundantly clear that Paloma Faith was the complete (and petite) package. A captivating chanteuse, a rabble-rousing entertainer and theatrical fashion chameleon, Faith’s debut album, ‘Do You Want the Truth, or Something Beautiful?’ remains a glossy collection of retro-referencing soul and sassy pop. The record went on to sell over half a million copies, earning Faith a nomination for Best British Female at the Brit Awards.

On her second album ‘Fall To Grace’, Faith took the reigns, guiding her compositions into a new, contemporary realm. Backed by spectacular strings and gospel singers, lead single ‘Picking Up The Pieces’ found Faith exploring the struggle of living with the shadow of a lover’s ex, while ‘Black & Blue’ is peppered with astute social observations.

2014’s ‘A Perfect Contradiction’ is a very different record from 'Fall To Grace'. Paloma says, "It's tone is the very opposite of what the last album was... I've been reflecting on things that have been tough but I'm almost celebrating that. If you haven't been to the bottom, you wouldn't be able to recognise how it feels to feel really amazing, after all."  Album highlights include the strident charge of ‘Other Woman’ written with Plan B, the raunch of ‘Take Me’, with John Legend, and the tough, solo compositions of ‘Impossible Heart’ and ‘Mouth To Mouth’.

"This album feels like the real me, almost," Paloma says. “I've realised that learning confidence really makes you capable of things... and that together we can be capable of anything."

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Only Love Can Hurt Like This