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Luis Enrique

Upon leaving his homeland of Nicaragua in 1978, LUIS ENRIQUE arrived in America with only the passion for music that was passed down from generation to generation in his family. Luis remembers fondly of his childhood days in Managua where his grandfather gave him his first guitar lessons that would be the corner stone of his musical journey. After leaving war torn Nicaragua, Luis arrived in Los Angeles which in his words was in “constant evolution." Los Angeles provided him with fertile ground to continue his musical studies. Building on his grandfather’s lessons as a child, Luis did not miss an opportunity to perform in theatrical and band events throughout High School. Formal musical education was not available to Luis, so his teacher became, (practice, listening, and observation). This along with carefully studying the careers of the individuals which influenced him the most, provided him with the tools necessary to start his career.

Luis’s major break came when he auditioned for a salsa group that was looking for a lead singer. Even though Salsa was the last style he saw himself singing, Luis auditioned for the part and made such a great impression on Alex Cobos and Frank Miret, that they went straight to the studio to cut Luis his first professional demo. This demo got him his first recording deal with Sony in 1987. His debut album’s name was Amor De Medianoche and was an immediate success. His good looks and alternative style of Salsa earned him the title “Prince of Salsa”.

Luis’s alternative approach lead him to pioneer “Salsa Romantica” (Salsa Ballad’s) which was not really being done until Luis came into the picture. Artists like Marc Anthony and La India’s later successes were due to Luis’s innovation. His recording career with Sony lasted over 10 years and 9 albums, which won him five “Lo Nuestro Awards”(USA), two “Ronda Awards” (Venezuela), one “Huaco Award” (Panama), one “TV y Novelas” Award (Puerto Rico), one “Aplauso”Award (USA), one “Ace” Award (USA), over 5 Grammy Nominations, and many gold and platinum records. Worth mentioning are his appearances as a musician on albums by Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Chayanne, and many more.

After a one album stay with Polygram Int. Luis is now with WEA where he has finished his second album Transparente. However, his song writing has been there all the time. Universal Music Publishing has provided him with a whole new horizon as far as song writing is concerned. His co-write “Can’t Prove Anything” with Nicolle Chirino (UMPG-writer) was translated into Spanish and is on hold for Carolina Lao on WEA. This is a very exciting time in Luis’s career because now he can be an artist and write songs for other artists as well, what more could a singer/songwriter ask for?

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