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León Benavente

In 2012 four well-known musicians created León Benavente. Luis Rodríguez (guitar), Abraham Boba (voice), César Verdú (drums) and Eduardo Baos (bass). All of them play or have played with recognized Spanish artists: Boba and Rodríguez are members of the Nacho Vegas’ band, Baos plays with Tachenko and Verdú with Schwarz. 

Their first album was released in February 2013 via Marxophone. An eponymous album composed of ten songs that, headlined by the single “Ánimo, Valiente” and including tracks as “Las Hienas”, “Estado Provisional”, “Revolución or “Ser Brigada”, define a great album. It was recorded at Red Bull studios in Madrid, produced by León Benavente themselves and mixed in Estudios Reno. It went live on June, at Teatro Lara in Madrid and, since then, they have toured all around the country as well as played in great number of national music festivals. 

Rockdelux magazine describe it as “one of the best joys” of 2013. Their second recorded work, the EP “Todos Contra Todos”, recorded with the assistance of Girando por Salas, and containing three new works and a version of “Europa ha Muerdo” by Ilegales, was equally well received. 

León Benavente are back with “2” (Warner Music), one of the most anticipated LPs of the year. If their eponymous first album in 2013 was highly appreciated by both public and critics, this new release is a bold step forward that marks the band’s arrival as one of the most important bands in the Spanish music scene. 

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